Products offered by Carmeuse are used in building resilient and sustainable infrastructure projects. That is why “SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” is a focus of our sustainability efforts.

Our primary business starts with lime and limestone, which have been used in infrastructure projects for thousands of years. This doesn’t mean one cannot develop innovative products. On the contrary, we keep on developing products that can serve as alternatives for products that adversely impact climate. This is especially true in the construction sector where we contribute to greening concrete or in the sector of soil stabilization where we combine the re-use of waste with a very efficient method to stabilize soil. And, we invest in more disruptive technologies which will allow to drastically reduce our carbon footprint.


The Paperless project in Fieni 


  • We are more organized than ever before
  • All issues receive notification which allow planners to better track problematic equipment

Efficiency :

  • Busy early mornings have become a thing of the past :
  • We are able to assess the health of the plant thorough notifications, generating orders and assigning orders to the appropriate personnel with just a few clicks on a mobile device
  • Employees benefit from not having multiple sheets of paper to carry around, fill out, protect from elements and return to supervisors
  • Completed orders go directly from mobile devices to SAP

Simplicity :

  • Putting in notification can be completed in minutes in the field
  • We can record video, take pictures, leave notes, document temperatures and close orders with ease

Use a mobile app that could help :

  • Simplify maintenance processes
  • Improve data collection
  • Improve efficiency of personnel
  • Digitalize our safety, environmental and production inspections