Understanding Your Market Needs

In most industrial production processes, emission control focuses on dust and other pollutants such as acid gases – notably SOX. So a dedicated extra step in the control system is mandatory. The priority is to secure compliance at lowest total cost. When selecting a flue gas cleaning solution, key considerations therefore include reliability, ease of use and cost efficiency.

Most standard solutions include dry processes (dry sorbent injection) because of their flexibility, their simplicity and their lower investment cost, plus the fact they are reliable and efficient. Yet even if this cleaning step is outside the operator’s core business, process optimization must also be assessed.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

CleanCalco® is the Carmeuse product range for flue gas cleaning, including the full services of our experts. This enables the identification, implementation and optimization of a reliable and cost-efficient flue gas cleaning solution. Specialty products are designed to increase removal efficiency compared to classical hydrated lime.
Customers can fully comply with legislation, after the matching of the proper reagent and associated services. This reduces operating costs and maintains highest ease of use. Operators can then focus on their core activities, rather than on emission limit values.

Our optimized solution includes products such as:

  • CleanCalco® SD
  • CleanCalco® FGC
  • CleanCalco® HPV

Carmeuse will always provide the appropriate CleanCalco® sorbent, whatever process you select. In addition to our product, our range of services enables the optimization of flue gas cleaning during operations, thus ensuring that the compliance cost remains as low as possible:

  • Evaluation & Demonstration Trial
  • On-site Operations Support
  • Tune-IT
  • Store & Inject
  • Quality & Innovations
  • Customer Services & Supply Solutions

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