Understanding Your Market Needs

In the hot metal desulphurization process, efficiency and metallic yield both partly depend on the quality and reliability of desulphurization’s fluxes and flowability. Carmeuse provides fluidised milled lime in its purest and finest form to the specifications or blended with slag liquefiers and magnesium metal.

How can metallic yield and the efficiency of desulphurization process be improved?

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

  • Desulphurization of hot metal is the most economic process for removing sulphur before charging to the BOF.
  • Metallic Magnesium is the most effective reagent for desulphurization; calcium oxide is the most cost-effective solution and the formed sulfides are very stable.
  • Carmeuse provides fluidised milled lime, aimed at improving free flow and reactivity to speed up the desulphurization process.
  • Carmeuse also provides FML blended with other fluxes in order to improve metallic yield. 

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