Understanding Your Market Needs

Hempcrete is a natural, energy-efficient building and insulating product. Carmeuse has developed limes to satisfy the needs of all designers, craftsmen and home-owners for their hemp-building construction.

Bio-based economies are becoming part of our daily lives. As the search for a carbon-negative footprint building and insulation material continues, hemp-building offers an attractive and natural sustainable solution. Hemp-building has become the reference bio-product for use in insulation and ensuring a healthy indoor climate, thanks to its moisture regulation capabilities.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Hemp absorbs carbon dioxide as the plant grows. So the use of hemp and lime in the construction stage helps to reduce buildings’ carbon footprint, and can result in a negative footprint for the entire construction. Hemp-building results in low-energy houses, because hemp can absorb and hold heat (thermal mass) during sunny periods, when heat is not needed for internal living or work spaces. That heat is released when required, such as during overcast periods or at night, to provide substantial energy and cost savings. Buildings with hemp have high vapor permeability, which facilitates the through-transfer of humidity and thus avoids condensation and trapped moisture within the building. This improves the building’s air quality and controls humidity, whilst reducing the risk of the growth of molds and fungi that may affect occupants’ health.

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