Understanding Your Market Needs

The properties and quality of glass are influenced by its chemical composition, especially the ratio of Si, Na, Ca, and Mg. Raw materials provide those elements for the glass. In the batch house, all raw materials are mixed together, enabling the respective quantities to reach target glass composition and ensuring a good process. It is key then for glass-makers that the chemical composition of lime product is known and consistent. The amount of impurities, moisture, and organic matter, etc. in lime is critical. For instance, iron oxide is deleterious for flat glass, as it affects color/transparency.

The particle size distribution of raw materials also influences the glass-making process. Bigger pieces will need more time to dissolve, while dust can create gaseous inclusion and affect heat transfer in the furnace.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Carmeuse supplies consistent and high quality limestone, quicklime, dolomite and dolime for the glass industry.