Hello Stefan. You started with an internship within Carmeuse and now you work a full time job as quarry operator. Can you tell us your story? 

During the final year of high school, we had the opportunity to perform the practical courses in Carmeuse Limestone Quarry, for which I am very grateful. I tried to use the opportunity to the maximum and learn as much as possible. I got familiar with the work in the Quarry during the internship, as well as with all the colleagues who were more than ready to share and pass their knowledge to us. Given the overall work atmosphere, I expressed my willingness to work in a team such as the one in the Quarry should there be an employment opportunity. 

I consider practical courses are an excellent opportunity for the students, as they can learn a lot in Carmeuse, by working in different facilities and preparing for the future jobs.

So how is the atmosphere in a plant? What kind of relation do you develop with your colleagues? 

The atmosphere is great! I am the youngest colleague and I can say that they accepted me in their team and that I fit in well. They mostly help me to learn all the tasks that I should perform, and I help them in whatever I can. There is no difference between us. 

What about safety? How is Carmeuse handling your safety onsite? Do you feel safe working on a Carmeuse site? 

Honestly, I had the opportunity to work for another company for a few months and little focus was put on safety. Carmeuse is a different story in terms of safety – with the equipment that we have and all the instructions that we follow during work, I feel completely safe and protected. Every morning during our meeting, we go through one safety topic and in this way, we know that in Carmeuse nothing we do is worth getting injured. 

What's the most exciting thing you did at Carmeuse? 

Since I have just started working in January this year, it is a really short period. But I can say that each day is exciting for me and I believe that I am yet to be part of the new projects and new learning opportunities, in terms of technical and soft skills. 

Do you consider you have a good work life balance at Carmeuse? 

I consider that the balance between private and business life is well respected in Carmeuse, in all the aspects.