Hello, community of the big Carmeuse family 

About me

My name is Natalia Stepanyuk, I am Ukrainian, coming from Kyiv, and because of the military events in Ukraine, I am not in my homeland now. The first month since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we were still at home, but the danger increased every day - the Russian military moved closer to Kiev, it became very dangerous.

Therefore, together with my children, we were forced to leave Ukraine for the sake of safety and preservation of our own lives. Now we temporarily live in Kosice, Slovakia.

My background

By education, I am a philologist-translator. My previous experience is related to corporate communications, employer branding and corporate culture. I also have a strong experience of General HR Manager and I know the various processes regarding talent management in the company. I worked in companies in various industries – FMCG (LG Electronics Inc.), Banking (UKRSIBBANK BNP PARIBAS GOUP), IT (Intetics Inc.), Retail (NOVUS).

My family and passions

I am a mother of three children. The eldest daughter is 18 years old, my 2-nd daughter 13 years old and the youngest son is 7 years old. We came to Slovakia with our two youngest children, and my eldest daughter is with my husband's relatives in the United States. My husband is still in Ukraine, he works in a local territorial defense part in a small town near Kyiv.     

One of my strongest passions is music, I play the piano and I love to sing songs. Here in Slovakia I discovered the beauty of the Slovak Mountains and the pleasure of hiking. Recently, I visited the Slovak Paradise on Tomasovsky Vyhlad (this is 680 m above the sea level). Incredible views, beautiful nature! Later I plan to visit the High Tatras as well. 



In May, I started working for Carmeuse. Here I met sincere understanding of the Ukrainian tragedy and a warm support from my new colleagues in the office in Kosice and from other colleagues from different Areas. 

My task, or even my mission, is to help Ukrainian refugees who are now in Europe find highly qualified jobs in a reliable company so that they can support their families.  

I am very pleased that Carmeuse is open for employment of Ukrainian candidates, ready to provide language courses if necessary. Any Ukrainian refugee looking for a job has now the possibility to check the open positions within Carmeuse on a dedicated page, available also in Ukrainian.