Elise Di Marino joined Carmeuse 16 years ago, in May 2004 and since 2018, she is our plant manager in Moha, Belgium. 

1. Hello Elise, can you tell us a few words about your career path at Carmeuse? 

Well, I joined Carmeuse as a chemical engineer, one year after I got my degree. I wanted to work in an industry environment, either in Research & Development or in Production. Carmeuse was recruiting for the team in Seilles, so I went for an interview, got the job and this is when I became the first woman engineer in production, in Belgium. 

For me, working in production was a good step: I learned the basics of our business and it opened my eyes on so many things I was not aware of! After this experience, I had the opportunity to work in Quality and Customer Support, in the Lab and as Field Support Manager for Europe. 

After 14 years in Carmeuse, I became plant manager in Moha. Following such a diversified path within the company, this opportunity was kind of a logical step.

2. How do you manage being a woman in a predominant male professional universe? 

I was used to this kind of environment since the beginning. Even at the University, 90% of my colleagues in the Engineer courses were men, so this is something I’m used to. Within this industry, you will mostly work with men, so even if my job was within another department it would have been the case. But I can see some changes now and more and more girls are joining companies like Carmeuse. 

People were positively surprised - clients, colleagues, suppliers! As a plant manager, I never had a problem related to this aspect. I have a good relationship with my blue collars colleagues and with my team. 

3. How do you find the balance between your job and your family life? 

I have some help to handle my kids, because my husband is a doctor and he is also working a lot. 

I’m not travelling too much in my current position, so it’s easier for me to find this balance. I have a lot of work, but I love it. When you run a plant, you must be efficient and take decisions and I love this tempo. 

I try to go on holidays regularly, to have real breaks and stay energized! I really enjoy my weekends and I try to plan many things for these moments. 
I also try to distinguish my professional and my personal life.