Understanding Your Market Needs

Maintaining a foamy slag in the EAF is essential but fundamentally challenging. Modern sidewall lime injection systems inject lime/dolime only when needed, enabling slag foaminess throughout the heat cycle. Carmeuse is uniquely positioned in this field, thanks to a strong reference list, experienced technicians, and an operational lime injection pilot system that is capable of testing and comparing current or potential lime injection materials in multiple configurations, in order to mimic current or potential lime injection systems in EAF.

How can foamy slag in the EAF be maintained?
What is the Best Available Technology (BAT) for lime addition in EAF?
What are the best ways to reduce power, electrode, and refractory consumption while making cleaner steel?
What are the safe lime application practices in EAF?

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

  • Foaming can be negatively impacted by multiple process parameters. As the foam height drops, it is very difficult to foam the slag again with carbon injection alone.
  • Lime injection provides an ideal solution to maintain a good foamy slag. It is a controlled process based on the slag conditions and it is able to maintain consistent basicity, fluidity and foaminess.
  • Lime and dolomitic lime injection in the EAF offers a significant advance over traditional practices. Along with the safety & housekeeping benefits, it helps to improve foaming, arc stability reducing energy and electrode consumption, recovery of fluxes, and refractory life. This helps to lower EAF conversion costs and the impact on the environment.

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