Understanding Your Market Needs

Disinfection is a natural solution to hygiene problems. Carmeuse has created the OPTILIT® product range to naturally disinfect your barns or poultry halls. Thanks to the high pH of these products, parasites cannot develop as quickly as they do at low pH. OPTILIT® products contain calcium components, which can be reused later as soil amendment when combined with organic manure. Our experts can recommend the most appropriate solution for your barn and animals.

Cattle hygiene is a key factor for the health of these animals and thus the profitability of your farm.

  • Humidity, heat and manure on the ground foster the development of bacteria.
  • Mastitis in dairy cows can be a nightmare, as this disease requires treatment with antibiotics and can lead to milk loss.
  • Parasites in the litter: gall, biting louse, mealworm etc.
  • Hoof infections such as dermatitis or Mortellaro’s Disease cause lameness in cattle. This is painful for the animals and leads to:
    • Less milk production.
    • A shift in the lactation period.
    • Less weight gain during fattening of meat cows and young bulls.


  • Bad smells.
  • Bacteria development in the manure.


  • Parasites in the litter: gall, biting louse, mealworm etc.
  • Loss of weight or mortality.
  • Bad smells.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Healthy barns help farmers to avoid losses linked to suffering animals and the extra costs of their treatment. The direct cost of lameness is estimated at €250 per cow, excluding the cost of care and any reproductive disorders.

Carmeuse also offers solutions for cow bedding, in the form of a natural mattress made of OPTILIT® mixed with straw. This bedding is comfortable and hygienic for dairy cows.

The OPTILIT® product range, which is approved as biocides, helps to prevent feet infections in cattle. When spread on the floor, OPTILIT® increases the pH of manure and kills bacteria. It also keeps the floor dry and enhances the comfort of cattle.
Carmeuse can also provide you with a footbath solution, to be located in strategic places around your barn.

The OPTILIT® drying and disinfecting agent is an inexpensive solution to decrease, muddy manure and improve animals’ welfare.

OPTILIT® C+ is a drying and disinfecting mixture to be spread on the floor. It helps to reduce the bad smells from pig and poultry barns. So this solution is sure to please farmers’ customers and. For more information, see the European Lime Association (EuLA) report on the prevention and control of avian flu, etc. with the use of hydrated lime.


  • Amendment properties: doubles the product life. Barn bedding using natural OPTILIT® creates enriched manure, which does not leak and retains all nutrients, for further spreading in the fields.
  • Natural: OPTILIT® products may be used on organic farms.

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