Carmeuse is committed to a safe and sustainable workplace for the people and communities where we operate. That is why “SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth” is a focus of our sustainability efforts.

We strive to provide our employees with a decent working environment. This means the workplace needs to be not only a safe place to work in, but also we want to keep our employees motivated and in front of upcoming trends. We establish priorities to sustain long-term profitable growth, which in turn provides jobs in our communities, many of which in rural areas, along with opportunities for employee development. However, our focus is to achieve growth by taking care of our environment, communities around our sites and the people that make these contributions. To support this strategy, we continue to expand in South America, Africa and Asia, diversify our business through acquisitions and work to develop innovative solutions to future challenges.


The Safety Champions in CZHUSK area

In CZHUSK area we launched the Safety Champions campaign last year, which creates a challenge among colleagues for new safety ideas. 

The aim is to support a positive safety culture by setting a real example, promoting safe behavior, and spreading awareness of safety in everyday working life. Recent winners of the contest are the Včeláre quarry, where workers designed and then implemented a method of disinfecting common areas using a simple and accessible device, and the Beremend lime plant, where a safe workspace was created in the crane area of the big bag loading area. 

The champions provide us with thoughtful suggestions for improving safety at our workplaces. They encourage our employees to independently improve the safety of their practices and improve communication between management and employees about safe practices. In addition, they promote positive change and higher safety standards. 

Their benefit is the respect of others, and our benefit is a motivated and proactive workforce with a much finer level of safety awareness. The project supports SDGs 3 and 8.