Carmeuse understands that its activities have an impact on climate, however we commit to allocating resources to a variety of initiatives that mitigates this impact. That is why “SDG 13 – Climate Action” is a very important, if not the most important, pillar to achieving our sustainability goals.

Our overarching strategy at Carmeuse is to become CO2 neutral by 2050. We currently have a global team in place focusing on energy efficiencies, alternative fuels, circular model concepts, and CO2 neutral footprint to ensure we achieve this goal. Additionally, our Application teams work with customers to improve their processes and efficiencies which also reduces CO2 impacts.


Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) partnership

In December 2020, Carmeuse, ENGIE and John Cockerill have signed a Joint Development Agreement for an innovative Carbon Capture and Utilisation (“CCU”) project in Wallonia. This project will concentrate CO2 from an innovative type of lime kiln, combine it with green hydrogen and produce “e-methane”, a renewable gas that can be injected in the gas grid or used in transport or in the industry. The green hydrogen will be produced by a 75 MW electrolyser plant powered by green electricity. This project is the largest of its kind in the world. It opens new routes for significant carbon emission reductions in Europe and the world. 

PFR kiln Aisemont

The project targets carbon emission reductions by using the CO2 generated during the lime production process into e-methane (methanation). The project will demonstrate at industrial scale a first-of-a-kind integrated process by up-scaling and combining available and prototype technologies, such as a new type of lime kiln, one of the world’s largest electrolysers (75 MW) and green hydrogen.

The produced e-methane will be high-quality, suitable for injection into the national natural gas grid. This renewable e-methane can be used by industrial users or as an alternative fuel in the transport sector, thus allowing these sectors to decarbonize.  

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