Understanding Your Market Needs

To produce calcium compounds, lime products are used mainly as a source of calcium to make a wide diversity of chemicals. Among them are bleaching powder, calcium phosphate, calcium chloride, calcium soaps, calcium lactate, calcium nitrate, calcium citrate, and many others. These chemicals are used in various industries, such as fertilizers, plastics, and food, etc.

In the chemical industry, lime is also necessary to product alkene oxides, trichloroethylene for degreasing, magnesium hydroxide for refractories, oil additives for lubricant and greases etc.

Lime product provides the calcium element that will be embedded in the final chemical compound. Lime property will have a direct impact on the reaction process and on the quality of the final product.

This is especially true, because the calcium available to the reaction must be as high as possible to get the maximum yield from the lime. Purity is also key to guaranteeing the quality of the final product. 

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

For this market, Carmeuse supplies specific types of quicklime, hydrated lime and limestone with high Ca content and purity and sufficient reactivity.