Carmeuse is committed to renewable, clean energy, along with strategies to reduce our own energy consumption. That is why “SDG 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy” is a focus of our sustainability efforts both internally and externally.

Our products play a key role in the production of solar glass, blades of windmills and to remove pollutants from smokestacks that burn fossil fuels. Internally, we implement multiple global teams to develop initiatives around utilization of alternative fuels, efficiency improvements to reduce energy consumption, renewable energy investments, efficiency improvements at our customers, and develop partnerships which aim at turning our unavoidable process CO2 emissions into a resource for renewable energy.


Lime is required for environmental applications, in order to have a sustainable environment. One ton of lime produced equals to one ton of CO2

The Wind Trees offers solutions that combine high technology with smart design, micro wind turbines with solar petals.

Ideal for communities and businesses alike, the Wind Tree is an asset that produces green energy while respecting aesthetics and urban development strategies. The Wind Tree, produced in France, could help balance this, by producing green energy for offices, for electric cars, etc.

sdg7 wind tree