Industrial Water Treatment

Carmeuse offers a variety of lime-based products, including high calcium quicklime, high calcium hydrated lime, and CALSAFE® lime slurry, along with advanced service solutions for your industrial water treatment needs.

Chemical Plant for Industrial Water Treatment

What is Industrial Water Treatment?

Industrial water treatment involves removing or reducing the amount of chemicals, biological contamination, and undesirable water components found in industrial water. A water treatment system is used so that the water will become sufficiently clean for safe discharge into the environment.

Many different industries use water throughout the production process. For example, raw water is used in many cases in cooling towers, or for heating, cleaning, and rinsing. The waste stream that results from these processes must be handled appropriately to allow for re-use or to safely discharge to the environment. Many times, BOD is used to help determine how much treatment water needs. BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) is a measure of the amount of oxygen required to remove waste from water in the process of decomposition by using bacteria. Clean water needs a certain amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide to be present before it can be disposed of.

Lime Slaking Systems & Upgrades

Over time, industrial water treatment equipment and its corresponding processes may need updated or replaced due to normal wear and tear or the evolution of new technologies. Carmeuse supplies advanced equipment solutions for lime storage, handling, and slaking through our wholly owned subsidiary, Storage & Transfer Technologies (STT).

Our expert engineers can design the right solution to keep your industrial water treatment operation running smoothly, from new lime handling systems, to retrofits and upgrades for your existing equipment. For additional information related to our lime handling expertise, visit the STT website.

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Meeting EPA and DEP Standards

Water produced from industrial processes rarely meets the requirements for release back into local waters without some level of industrial water treatment. These industrial wastewaters may be acidic and contain high dissolved metals content, organic contaminants, biological and chemical oxygen demand, dissolved mineral salts, and dissolved or suspended solids, among many other impurities. These impairments can create issues with meeting EPA and DEP regulations.

Carmeuse consistently provides lime-based products that have improved water quality for decades to reach DEP and EPA water standards. Products like high calcium quicklime, high calcium hydrated lime, and CALSAFE Lime Slurry, are routinely used in industrial water treatment.