Understanding Your Market Needs

Wet, weak, fine-grained soil can prove to be a major challenge at many construction sites. Muddy site conditions make for difficult working conditions. Access is difficult for construction vehicles. It is difficult to reach the soil moisture and compaction requirements established by the project civil or geotechnical engineer. Wet, poorly compacted soil makes for poor pavement support and embankment/fill. Having to wait for the soil to dry or opting to replace the problematic soil can have a significant impact on the project’s schedule and budget because at a construction site, lost time means lost money.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Our lime-based products, such quicklime, CALCIMENT™, or CALSAFE® Lime Slurry, will help to keep your job moving ahead and on schedule by providing three significant benefits to your problematic soils:

  • Drying – reducing the soil moisture content
  • Modification – reducing soil plasticity, aiding compaction and increasing early strength
  • Stabilization – increasing long term strength and reducing swell potential


  • The most effective drying agent for soil


  • Custom blend to improve effectiveness in lower plasticity soils

CALSAFE® Lime Slurry

  • Ready-to-use liquid lime addressing your dusting concerns

These products are offered through Mintek Resources, a member of the Carmeuse Group. Click here to be redirected to their website for additional information.

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