Understanding Your Market Needs

The crop that you grow and your soil type present you with unique challenges. Compacted soils stunt root growth making it difficult for your plants to develop. In acidic soils, nutrients are less available to the plant root system effectively lowering the overall health of your crops. This reduced availability includes important soil minerals like calcium and magnesium limiting plants growth rates. You can even improve the poorest soils to yield a productive crop by adding beneficial amendments, which will help improve plant growth and health.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We recognize that the quality of your soil is the foundation of productive farming practices and effective golf course maintenance, so you need the right products and services to help enhance your crop productivity.

High Calcium Ag Lime

  • Neutralize acidic soils creating the best growing environment for your crops 
  • Allow for improved root structure ensuring healthier crops 
  • Enhance nutrient availability to improve your yields 
  • Optimize fertilizer through nutrient availability saving you money
  • Make application easy and more profitable

High calcium ag lime is recommended 2 to 3 months prior to planting season since the dry product reacts over time.

CALSAFE® Lime Slurry

  • Calsafe lime slurry from Carmeuse has all of the same benefits as our high calcium ag lime, but is available in a ready-to-use liquid form. Calsafe will also minimize dusting often associated with applying dry ag lime and is recommended to be applied right before planting season.

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Our network of plants allows us to get you the product where and when you need it.

Have your soils tested today to determine how much ag lime product is right for you!

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