Optimizing Your Processes 
Carmeuse has a vested interest in the success of our customers. Not only do we know about calcium-based products, but we have expertise in how they are manufactured and processed. Our subject matter experts are there to make your processes more efficient, safer and effective. We can help you in the following areas:

TECforLime is a platform for services and solutions owned 100% by the Carmeuse Group, offering its technical expertise and know-how in lime production to all end-markets. Its team of engineers works hand-in-hand with customers and application experts to tailor its solutions to each and every situation.

We offer full services from mining to plant commissioning and operation, from maintenance to boosting kilns and much more.

Not only can we advise on the best kiln for your stone, processes or application, we can also help you to optimize or boost kiln output.

The Geologist Protocol offers an opportunity to determine whether the physical and chemical characteristics of the stone are suitable for lime production in the selected kiln type, which helps optimize quarry production.

For more information, visit: tecforlime.com

Lime Slaking
Storage & Transfer Technologies (STT), a member of the Carmeuse Group, are experts in lime slaking. If your aging lime slaking system is becoming a safety concern or unexpected breakdowns are resulting in lost production, a Mechanical Audit and Systems Review (MASR) can help you. When put into practice by your maintenance team, recommendations in the MASR report will lead to a safer, more reliable system and cost savings for you.

Additionally, over time, conditions may have changed that affect the lime slaking process, such as lime or water quality, worn out components, or operator experience. Also, new technologies continue to be developed that dramatically improve the slaking of lime. Our expert technicians are available for onsite reviews, optimization recommendations, and installation of replacement parts or recommended upgrades.

For more information, visit: sttsystems.com

Lime Injection for Steel
Lime Injection is a well-established practice, used by most of the modern EAF’s. Lime injection technology provides a closed circuit environment helping to provide a better and safer working environment, supports consistent foaminess, and brings a direct savings on lime and indirect savings on consumables.

Carmeuse is uniquely positioned having an operational lime injection pilot system capable of testing and comparing current or potential lime injection materials in multiple configurations to mimic your lime injection system configuration. This allows us to test your material in your configuration to optimize settings for maximum efficiency. 

Technical engineers are available for onsite diagnosis of current problem areas, recommendations for solutions, and help with system implementation and startup.

Lime Process Optimization
Carmeuse has saved our customers millions of dollars in operating costs through evaluation and making recommendations on improvement to their lime processes. Our Customer Application Specialists are available for onsite analysis to evaluate all aspects of your lime delivery process. We will then put a customized program together including recommendations, improvements and expected cost savings.

You may not be aware that your lime process is costing you money. Contact our experts for an evaluation.

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