How We Drive Innovation

Innovation is what adds value to an organization and keeps it relevant. Our Innovation Center, with its people, services, and tools, are ready to partner with you, our customers, and optimize your use of our offerings. Our unique services include:

Product & Integrated Solution Trials
Driving innovation means that we need to continually push beyond what has been done before. We have a diverse team of experts dedicated to developing, managing, and implementing customer focused trials.  Whether at your site, or at one of our facilities, we will work with you to evaluate a solution and validate proof-of-concept that helps you to achieve your goals.  

Onsite System Audits & Consultation
For over 160 years, Carmeuse has worked closely with our customers, acquiring a tremendous knowledge of processes and applications involving our products. This includes setup, maintenance, optimization, and process adaptation, which allows us to deliver outstanding onsite consultation to ensure our customers get the most value and efficiency from our products. 

Workshops & Training Sessions
We are very proud of our product and service offerings, and we believe that the best way to showcase them is through education. Our application experts provide tailored onsite and virtual training across all of our markets to ensure your operators handle our products in the most effective ways.

Extensive Testing Capabilities
Our customers benefit from our comprehensive expertise and facility capabilities, which include our research, development, and testing laboratories. Each lab is uniquely equipped to validate the quality, performance, and additional advantages our products offer across various applications.  

Innovative Services & Product Development

Our network of skilled associates believe that the simplest path to developing a new service or solution is through customer collaboration. When engaged in a customer development effort, we think holistically about how we apply our product knowledge to enhance the products you are currently manufacturing and how the end result would better serve you and your customers’ needs.



How We Approach Problem Solving

  • Embracing Customer Centricity 
  • Experimenting relentlessly and learning from our successes and failures
  • Leveraging new technologies and collaboration
  • Believing that our success is contingent on our customers' success

Putting Innovation to Action

Here are just a few real-world examples of solutions developed through the Innovation Center that help Carmeuse customers add measurable value to their business: 


  • Slag Chemistry Enhancement
  • Lime Injection Optimization
  • Refractory Structure Audit 


  • Certified State DOT Testing
  • Product Enhanced Mix Designs
  • Drying & Stabilization Consultation


  • Animal Feed Enrichment
  • Soil Analysis & Amendment  
  • Disinfection & Odor Controls


  • Lime Slaking Optimization
  • Wastewater Purification Guidance
  • Lime Softening Dosing Rates


  • Acid Gas Emission Mitigation
  • Modeling Gas Scrubbing Efficiency  
  • Byproduct Valorization Solutions

Additional market services are available for our non-ferrous, chemical, glass, ceramic, industrial and pulp and paper applications.

We're Here to Help

As a customer of Carmeuse, you have access to and support from the nation’s leading lime and limestone experts. This support extends after the sale so you can be confident that if a problem arises we are here to help you get back up and running.  The Carmeuse Innovation Center staff has over 160 years of combined industry experience and are driven by a spirit of innovation and desire to help you fully realize the high-performance, cost-effective, and environmental benefits from using lime and limestone.

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, the Carmeuse Innovation Center has chemical and physical laboratory capabilities to perform sophisticated test procedures and evaluations to ensure our products are used in your applications in the most economical and sustainable ways possible.

We are always looking for solutions that benefit the customer.  Even if there is not an “off the shelf” solution available today, we can collaborate with your technical team to evaluate the feasibility of a new offering that meets the challenges you are facing.

The Innovation Center is an integral part of the Carmeuse commitment to our customers’ success. Whether in our lab, at the jobsite or within your facility, we offer services tailored to your needs. Contact us to learn more about the solutions we are able to provide for you.

Please click here to download our capabilities brochure. 

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