Key Considerations

Several needs should be taken into consideration when selecting PREMIACAL for use in your concrete mix:  

  • Improved flowability
  • Improved stability
  • Reduce bug-holing
  • Overall concrete mix cost
  • CO2 impact
  • Color consistency

Your Benefits

Why PREMIACAL from Carmeuse for Your Concrete Mix?

  • Reduces costs without sacrificing performance
  • Reduces greenhouse gases by lowering cement requirement
  • Improves control of the mix design
  • Accelerates the hydration reaction
  • Imparts workability
  • Provides density
  • Allows green strength development
  • Aids in demolding
  • Improves pumpability of the mix
  • Up to 15% cement replacement

Product availability

Product Literature

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Premiacal Technical Brochure
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