Key Considerations

Several needs should be taken into consideration when selecting the right product for your soil stabilization needs: 

  • Soil balance
  • Soil plasticity  
  • In-situ moisture content
  • Swell potential 
  • Short / long-term strength of soil (compressive strength, shear strength, CBR, and resilient modulus)
  • Contaminants

Your Benefits

Why CALSAFE lime slurry from Carmeuse for Your Soil Stabilization Needs?

  • Can accommodate lower dust application requirements
  • Able to treat the most plastic soils
  • Transform unsuitable soil into a stable material
  • Eliminates need to landfill
  • Ability to apply in high winds 
  • No need for a mellow time to ensure full hydration of product

These products are offered through Mintek Resources, a member of the Carmeuse Group. Click here to be redirected to their website for additional information.

Product availability

Product Literature

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CALSAFE® Product Typical
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CALSAFE® Sell Sheet
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