Sustainability | February 24, 2020

Carmeuse Donates Outdoor Classrooms to Woodstock Schools in Canada

Carmeuse donated two outdoor classrooms to local schools in Woodstock, Ontario. Parent associations from Elementary School Catholic Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys and Southside School requested Carmeuse’s help in the creation of outdoor classrooms.

Carmeuse Beachville’s Jeff Geddes, Ken Zegers and Ben Parayankuzhiyil took the lead on the project, directing construction from start to finish. Each classroom was constructed using Carmeuse materials by Carmeuse employees and local contractors.

“The outdoor classrooms are an opportunity for students to get outside and learn in a different environment on a beautiful day,” said Ken Zegers on Carmeuse’s classroom donation.

The classrooms were designed to create a circle, promoting discussion and collaborative learning. A rock donated by Carmeuse at the classroom reads, “A circle is a potent symbol, its shape implies community, connection, inclusions, fairness, equality, wholeness and a dedication to reconcile and heal relationships.”