Sustainability | February 24, 2020

Buffington Wins Carmeuse Sustainability Award 2019

The Carmeuse Sustainability Award 2019 was awarded to Carmeuse Buffington, Indiana. The site won this year’s award for its outstanding sustainability efforts in a global competition of nearly 30 sustainability programs completed by Carmeuse sites.

A fifteen-person committee judged each site’s sustainability program in a voting process that looked at criteria including creativity, innovation, adaptability to other locations and impacts on sustainability.

“Each year, the scoring committee picks a project that represents Carmeuse’s commitment to sustainability,” said David Swisher, Carmeuse Corporate Environmental Manager. “Sites are challenged to implement comprehensive programs that support people in local communities, impact the planet and promote prosperity.”

Five sites were selected as finalists using quantitative and qualitative scoring methods. The five finalists chosen were the sites of River Rouge, Port Inland, Maple Grove, Maysville and Buffington. Through a final scoring process, Buffington ultimately won the Carmeuse’s 2019 Sustainability Award.

Carmeuse Buffington’s 2019 sustainability program was developed to reduce waste going to landfills by recycling waste produced on-site. Buffington does not have a local service dedicated to picking up recyclable materials. To avoid dumping waste into local landfills, Carmeuse implemented a process with a Vexor facility that transforms recyclable materials into fuel.

The recycling program reduces the site’s dependence on regular non-renewable fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, while also serving as a perfect opportunity to teach local youth about the importance of recycling and contributing to a more sustainable community.

Carmeuse Buffington hosted a “Recycling Day”, inviting the local Boys and Girls Club on-site for a tour and lessons on recycling, sustainability and careers in science. The club participated in a workshop at the Buffington lab that demonstrated Carmeuse’s alternative fuel system and emphasized the importance of energy conservation.

“We are proud of the sustainability efforts each Carmeuse site makes. This year’s finalists demonstrated commitment to impacting communities through positive, interactive programs,” said Swisher. “Carmeuse Buffington improved waste management of the site, while teaching the importance of recycling to local youth, inspiring a new generation to conserve energy.”