September 22, 2023

STT cleans-up around its Milton headquarters

STT cleans-up around its Milton headquarters

Employees of STT, a member company of Carmeuse, braved a very hot September day to clean and pick-up garbage from areas around the company’s Canadian head office in Milton, Ontario. A large amount of trash was removed in what was a great team effort. 

The Carmeuse family has a strong tradition of garbage removal with team members at sites across North America regularly taking part in community clean-up efforts. Most recently, team members from the operations in Longview, AL, and Port Inland, MI, volunteered to pick trash from around local highways and roads.   

Within its own culture, as part of its sustainability vision, Carmeuse is committed to integrating Circular Economics into its business model, reducing the production of waste as well as creating and preserving biodiversity at its sites.  

“What a great day! Thank you to all who participated and showed support to our community and planet earth,” said Farah Bady of STT. “Let’s all continue to do our part and keep our communities clean.”