May 17, 2021

Port Inland employees help keep Michigan’s road clean

Port Inland employees help keep Michigan’s road clean

On May 4th and 5th employees from Carmeuse’s Port Inland operation picked trash from two Michigan roadsides as part of efforts to keep roads safe, clean and attractive for users and local communities.

The May 4th trash collection saw Carmeuse employees participate in the Michigan Adopt-A-Highway program, cleaning up a two mile stretch of US Highway 2. The team then put commercial rivalry aside and joined forces with the neighboring Greymont Port Inland facility on May 5th to clean-up a two mile stretch of the Port Inland Road, which connects the two operations with the nearby town of Gulliver. Between the two days roughly 40 bags of trash were picked.

Eight Port Inland employees took part in the clean-up: Pat Lamb, William Oglesby, Scott Whitman, Douglas Troyer, Shena Meffer, Joshua Monroe, Amanda LaFord, and Kathy Chase. "The Port Inland Road is heavily traveled by customers, vendors and employees of both plants, we feel it is especially important to ensure our local community is clean and garbage free," said the team.

Running since 1990, the Michigan Adopt-A-Highway program sees volunteers collect 60,000 to 70,000 bags of trash a year. Currently, 2,800 groups help keep more than 6,400 miles of state roadways clear of waste.


Carmeuse Port Inland Adopt-a-Highway