October 18, 2023

Longview inspires Calera High School students to a future in manufacturing.

Longview inspires Calera High School students to a future in manufacturing.

We always value opportunities to educate and inform our communities about the work we do at Carmeuse. But it’s especially true when we’re asked to talk to young people. So when colleagues at the Carmeuse Longview Operation were asked to visit a local high school, they jumped at the chance.  

On September 20th and 21st, Longview’s Maintenance Manager—Tony Marshall, Skilled Trades Coordinator/Military Liaison—Sean Campbell, and Human Resources Generalist—Sybil Owens, joined the Calera High School’s Career Tech class, speaking with more than 100 students. The students were also introduced to our Loader and Electrical Simulators.

As observed by Sybil Ownes, “Most of the students were able to experience what it’s like to operate a loader on the Loader Simulator, while the Electrical Simulator lets us show students how we train maintenance apprentices to understand the correlation between common everyday electrical components and an industrial setting.”

The Longview team were also able to discuss career goals, how to prepare for a career search, what employers are looking for, and what makes a good employee. 

“Thank you for coming to educate us about your company’s line of work,” said Calera High School student, Mason. “We all thought it was really cool to drive an excavator in the simulator. It was a really fun experience to be involved in, so thank you for this opportunity and learning experience. You have inspired many of us to dig deeper and learn more about jobs at your company.”

Pictured in the photograph, Tony Marshall—Maintenance Manager at Carmeuse shares his knowledge with an audience of 17 students from Calera High School.