May 21, 2021

Chatsworth employees step up to keep their community beautiful

Chatsworth employees step up to keep their community beautiful

Employees at the Carmeuse Chatsworth operation, GA, took to the road on May 6th and 7th to help keep their community clean, safe and tidy. The team picked litter, mowed berms, ran weed eaters, cleaned storm drains, and washed the roads and bridges on a stretch of Georgia state highway 52, which runs alongside the operations and through the nearby town of Chatsworth.

The team’s efforts were praised on social media by the local Murray County Chamber of Commerce. “Carmeuse employees are out in the community making a difference!” said the Facebook post. “A great example of a company willing to give back to the community. Thanks for all you do, Carmeuse.”

Carmeuse is a Silver Sponsor of Keep Chatsworth-Murray Beautiful, which aims to make the Chatsworth community a better, safer place to live through litter prevention, waste reduction and protection of the area’s natural beauty. Among its initiatives, the group helps keeps 80 miles of state and country roads clean and tidy with quarterly litter picks.  


Carmeuse Chatsworth Adopts-a-Highway