February 28, 2023

Carmeuse River Rouge supports restoration of River Rouge watershed

Carmeuse River Rouge supports restoration of River Rouge watershed

The River Rouge watershed comprises over a hundred miles of river, numerous tributaries, and more than 400 lakes, impoundments, and ponds. More than 1.35 million people also live in the watershed, which contains the oldest and most heavily-populated and industrialized area in southeast Michigan. 

Over time, human activity has led to sedimentation and water contamination of the watershed. This has detrimentally impacted the natural habitat and wildlife populations, as well as impairing recreational opportunities for local communities.

Since 1986, Friends of the Rouge (FOTR) has worked to undo this damage to restore, protect, and enhance the watershed. Carmeuse River Rouge is a proud supporter of this work, and recently presented a donation to the organization at the FOTR headquarters in Plymouth, MI.

“It was a privilege to visit FOTR and present them with a donation to use towards all their outstanding projects,” said Christy Burt of Carmeuse River Rouge, who coordinates the company’s support of FOTR and who presented the donation to FOTR development director, Lara Edwards. “To see their people in action doing the great work they do for our environment and communities was amazing.”

FOTR is located in an old high school that has been repurposed for use by different organizations and community activities. The charity occupies a large suite, where they have a laboratory and offices. They also have extensive grounds outside the complex, where they maintain multiple rain gardens and other natural habitats.