September 20, 2022

Carmeuse Maple Grove donates to local school district

Carmeuse Maple Grove donates to local school district

It’s sometimes said that it takes a village to raise a child. A variation on this African proverb states it takes a community to educate a child. And that is something Carmeuse gets behind. Through the Carmeuse Foundation, we are a committed supporter of local education and training initiatives among the communities where we operate.

This commitment was recently seen in action at our Maple Grove Operation, Ohio, which donated over $500 of essential school supplies to the local school district. The Old Fort School District is a rural district that provides K-12 education to about 700 students in Bettsville, Old Fort and several other smaller towns in the area around the plant. 

Maple Grove Site Manager, Kevin Stevenson, and Vickie Kent, Regional HR Manager for Ohio, recently attended a meet-and-greet with District Superintendent, Laura Bryant, School Principals, Kristina Smith (elementary) and Erica Cobb (junior high and high school), and Guidance Counsellor LeighAnne King to present the gift. They also discussed areas where Carmeuse could support programs and initiatives for students in the coming academic year.

The donation was also supported by the local Walmart in Findlay, whose Store Manager, Chad Elrick, authorized a 10% discount towards the purchase of the school supplies.

“Chad and his staff did a great job of getting the two carts-full of supplies rung up, bagged and loaded into the car,” said Maple Grove’s Vickie Kent. “It was a small but powerful example of how a local community can come together to ensure its kids get the education the deserve.”


Pictured in the photograph from left-to-right are Kevin Stevenson, Erica Cobb, Kristina Smith, Vickie Kent and Laura Bryant.