Understanding Your Market Needs

Designers, architects, and engineers need a reliable product that contributes to a building’s functional, aesthetic and sustainability characteristics. Contractors need workable and consistent products that are easy handle, allowing them to turn jobs quicker and meeting quality standards.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

MIRACLE MORTA-LOK® conforms to ASTM C-270 and ASTM C-206 and is the clear choice of professional contractors and architects who desire the highest quality along with the following benefits.

MIRACLE MORTA-LOK® Type “S” Hydrate Lime

  • Excellent handling and workability while in the plastic state
  • Imparts low water penetration or leakage to the finished product along with superior unit bonding and seismic resistance
  • Improves elasticity and durability
  • Adds bond strength 
  • Reduces pitting
  • Enhances waterproofing
  • Greater efflorescence control
  • Better workability 
  • Cost savings over traditional masonry cement

Our Network
Our network of plants allows us to get you the product where and when you need it.

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