Carmeuse offers a variety of lime-based products, including high calcium quicklime, dolomitic quicklime, hydrated lime, and advanced lime handling systems to meet the needs of foundry furnace operations.

Foundry for Steel Industry

A Look at Foundry Operations

Foundry furnace operations produce metal castings. The process involves first melting the metal, then pouring it into a mold where it hardens as it cools. Removal of the casting from the mold completes the process.

In iron foundries, molten pig iron is used to manufacture cast iron. Pig iron is produced by first melting iron ore in a blast furnace. Pig iron can be used directly from that point or remelted later for use in casting. Modern steel foundry operations often use electric arc furnaces (EAF) in production.

Lime products are used in foundry operations as fluxes to reduce impurities in the molten iron and form slag. Lime addition helps protect refractories, maintain basicity and help with dephosphorization. When phosphorus and sulfur are not controlled in the steel bath, the strength may be compromised, and the finish may contain inclusions.

Lime Injection and Lime Handling Systems for Foundry Furnace Operations

An evaluation of your lime handling equipment is essential in ensuring lime is transferred from silo to furnace in the most effective and reliable way, as over time this will be impacted through normal wear and tear. From offloading and flow promotion to pneumatic conveying and lime injection, Carmeuse is committed to providing quality equipment solutions to foundry furnace operations to help optimize your operations.

Carmeuse supplies our advanced equipment solutions for lime storage, handling, and lime injection through our wholly owned subsidiary, Storage & Transfer Technologies (STT). Our expert engineers can design the right solution to keep your steelmaking operation running smoothly, from new lime handling or injection systems, to retrofits and upgrades for your existing equipment. Experienced technicians are also available for onsite diagnosis of current problem areas, recommendations for potential solutions, and help with system implementation and startup. For additional information related to our lime handling and lime injection expertise, visit the STT website.

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