We Stand with Ukraine

After several months of war, the situation in Ukraine is terrifying. Refugees face many challenges, including the absence of shelter, food, accommodation, basic infrastructure and access to medical care, education and employment.  

Many of our employees worldwide were willing to offer help. In order to be efficient and support the refugees, we have put in place different initiatives focused on short and longer term help:  

  • FUNDRAISING: Our employees who wanted to support the refugees through a donation were able to do so. Carmeuse has doubled all donations made by our employees. 
  • HUMANITARIAN AID & MEDICAL SUPPLY:  In 2022, through a partnership with the NGO Roof & Food, Carmeuse helped to provide basic needs to internally displaced or refugees in or from the conflict zones.  Needs are evolving constantly, and Roof & Food is an adaptive, fast organization. Some daily specific requests (medical equipment, mattresses, generators and batteries for electricity supply, medical vehicles, food etc.) can’t be satisfied through a traditional humanitarian campaign. Supply is one of the key strengths of this partnership. More than 60,000 people actively take part in the distribution of collected aid and the synchronization which takes place to make sure we supply and deliver what is truly needed, where it is needed.
    In 2023, all the donations made by our employees since the start of the conflict were given to the Leleka Foundation, which is doing amazing work to equip medical professionals in Ukraine, delivering critical medical supplies to Ukraine’s defenders and civilians.

The courage of the Ukrainian people has lit a fire in the hearts of people all over the world.  We want to stand by the victims and find ways to help. This is part of our company culture. We care for people. We believe the sum of our acts of solidarity as a company, as citizens, can have a positive impact, not only now, but also for the months to come.   

Let’s bring some hope & comfort to these families experiencing terrible times.