Investment at Aisemont Plant

Filler (limestone finely milled) has been used for more than 2 decades in Belgium in concrete mixes. Throughout the years, the knowledge and standards related to filler have evolved very positively.

We started building a new limestone filler production facility in Aisemont

This important investment is the largest production unit of its kind in Benelux and can produce up to 450,000 tons of limestone filler per year, to meet the growing demand from the concrete sector.

On a global level, concrete is responsible for about 8% of our planet's CO2 footprint. Based on our calculations, and our new production capacity in Aisemont, the Belgian concrete producers will reduce the CO2 footprint of their products by 15%. This should result in a reduction of 130.000 tons per year of CO2 for the sector.

More recently, in September 2022, we inaugurated the new blending station, a facility to produce ViaCalco or engineered soil binders for earthworks, also located in our Aisemont plant in Belgium. The investment is a great example of circular economy. Through this project we are recycling by-products that otherwise would have been landfilled. It creates an opportunity for Carmeuse to enlarge its offering and, we are also contributing to a significant reduction of the CO2 footprint of our products.

Did you know?  

With this extended ViaCalco product range - Carmeuse is now able to reduce the carbon footprint of soil binders by up to 58%. A nice step in our Carmeuse Sustainability Roadmap 2030, and a big leap for contractors, designers and agencies for a greener procurement of small, large and megaprojects.  


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