The growth plan for Carmeuse includes investments in new regions of the world where growth and opportunity are possible. Most recently, there has been a heavy focus on expansion in South and Latin America, including Brazil. The new setup of Carmeuse in Brazil offers both the lime products through Carmeuse and the lime handling solutions through Storage & Transfer Technologies (STT). This combined offering in a new market like Brazil positions Carmeuse well.   

The Carmeuse operation in Brazil began in 2017, with the goal of providing lime products and complementary solutions to the Brazilian market. Carmeuse began by purchasing Óxidos Brasil and Hub de Soluções. In 2019, Cal Arco Íris was purchased, and in 2020, Carmeuse Brazil Soluções Químicas S.A. was created. Now, Carmeuse Brazil owns and operates a lime plant that produces high calcium and dolomitic lime, hydrate, and Neutramol (High Surface Area milk of lime) for a variety of industries, as well as, developing new advanced products for agribusiness, a market in constant expansion in the country. Additionally, the operation sources lime from other producers and adds value through logistical optimization, bundling of products, quality control, storage management, and technical expertise to better support our Brazilian customers.  

Since the inception of Carmeuse Brazil, work has been done to fully incorporate the Carmeuse brand image to the company. The strong recognition of the Carmeuse brand internationally, supports the growth in the region.  We look forward to continuing to grow Carmeuse in South America thanks to our great team of engaged employees.