Industrial Applications

Carmeuse offers a variety of lime-based products, including high calcium quicklime, hydrated lime and magnesium enhanced lime, advanced lime handling equipment, and service solutions to address the many challenges faced by industrial facilities treating flue and process gases.

Two smoke stacks with steam coming out

The Importance of Flue Gas Treatment in Industrial Applications

To help protect the environment and the air we breathe, flue gases and other industrial emissions require thorough cleaning to reduce the risk of acid gases, heavy metals, and other particulate pollution from being released into the atmosphere. From incinerators and boilers to coal-fueled power plants, flue gases from industrial applications are under strict federal regulation, and companies are responsible for keeping their emissions in compliance. Failure to do so could result in costly fines, but moreover, could lead to devastating impacts on the environment.

Lime Handling & Slaking Systems

Over time, equipment at industrial facilities may need updated or replaced due to normal wear and tear or for the integration of new technologies. Carmeuse Systems supplies advanced equipment solutions for lime storage, handling, and slaking.

Our expert engineers can design the right solution to keep your flue gas treatment activities running smoothly, from new lime handling systems and slakers, to retrofits and upgrades for your existing lime handling equipment. For additional information related to our systems expertise, visit the website.

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