Understanding Your Market Needs

Drying challenges extend beyond traditional soil. For example, mine tailings, industrial waste streams and dredged materials extracted from impoundments are typically saturated, sticky and unstable making them very difficult to handle. Worse yet, these materials are often very challenging to dry naturally because of their typical silty particle size that retains water so effectively.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Our lime-based products, such as quicklime and CALCIMENT™ will help keep your job moving ahead and on schedule by providing three significant benefits to your contaminated materials:

  • Dry – reducing the moisture content
  • Solidify – stabilization and solidification solutions for treating waste
  • Fixate – heavy metal waste fixation by adjusting the pH reducing metals solubility

Additional benefits to using our products to dry these byproducts is their ability to neutralize acidic materials due to their basic (high pH) nature. The increase in pH will precipitate and bind heavy metals contained in the waste and inhibit any bacterial growth that may occur, making the final product safer to handle and safer for the environment.


  • The most effective drying and buffering agent for waste


  • Custom blend to meet specific needs

These products are offered through Mintek Resources, a member of the Carmeuse Group. Click here to be redirected to their website for additional information.

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