Carmeuse employees and their families, our neighbors, customers, suppliers, business associates, civil services, volunteers, schools, NGO’s, government organizations, and legislators, all make up the broad community of stakeholders that Carmeuse embraces and serves. Carmeuse prides itself on developing long term and mutually beneficial relationships with its stakeholders. 

Carmeuse promotes and supports the development and personal improvement of its employees. By doing so, employees are empowered to be the best they can in terms of developing themselves personally, performing for the company to the best of their abilities and serving our customers in the best way they can. We achieve this by providing employee training across a broad range of skill sets and distinctive responsibilities in core business areas.

Carmeuse sees its neighbors as equal partners and therefore constantly strives to limit any potential impact it may have on the neighboring communities. Continuous dialogue with these communities to discuss its concerns and agree on solutions together is a core principle of Carmeuse.