Soil Drying, Modification & Stabilization

In construction, having to wait for the soil to dry or opting to replace the problematic soil can have a significant impact on the project’s schedule and budget. Lime products from Carmeuse can be used to improve the quality and usability of the soil keeping projects on track.

Soil Drying

The Importance of Quality Soil in Construction

During construction projects, many unknowns can occur that have the potential to derail a project including inclement weather and wet conditions. Wet, weak, fine-grained soil can prove to be a major challenge at many construction sites. Muddy site conditions make for difficult working conditions and can make the site difficult to access for construction vehicles, slowing down progress and elongating timelines. This is why it is important to understand the proper process to dry, modify, and stabilize soil as needed to keep construction projects on time and on budget.