Understanding Your Market Needs

Finding a locally sourced aggregate capable of meeting the specifications required to produce concrete is one of your primary challenges. Concrete is one of the world’s most dominate building materials with more than 4 billion tons produced annually. Meeting this demand with desirable crushed limestone aggregate is every producers' goal.  

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

All aggregates are not all created equal.

Limestone Aggregate
We crush and size our limestone to produce dozens of products to suite nearly all applications and state specifications. Whether you need a base material for under a pavement or foundation, a filtration media such as clean sand or gravel, or raw material for your concrete and asphalt, we are ready to supply your next job.

  • Better strength and durability than many granite derived aggregates
  • High purity and consistency for stable mix designs
  • Extensive network allows us to offer competitive deliver options

Incorporating PREMIACAL, a ground calcium carbonate specifically engineered for concrete mixes, into your mix design could offset as much as 15% of the Portland cement as well as offer the following benefits:

•    Lower mix costs without sacrificing performance
•    Reduce greenhouse gases by lowering cement need
•    Improve control of the mix design
•    Accelerate the hydration reaction
•    Better workability of the mix
•    Reliable green strength development
•    Easier demolding of forms
•    Improve pumpability of the mix

Our Network
Our network of quarries and plants throughout the central and eastern US and in Ontario, Canada provides convenient access to your project for construction materials.

Areas along the Ohio River are serviced by Yager Materials, which is a member of the Carmeuse Group. For additional information, or contact us at sales [at] yagermaterials.com or call 270-926-3611.

Handling and Storage
Through Storage & Transfer Technologies (STT), a member of Carmeuse Group, we offer effective solutions to store and pneumatically transfer your bulk materials.

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