Understanding Your Market Needs

Carpet manufacturers are looking for ways to improve their products while bringing better value to their customers. We understand your products need to stand the test of time. Carpeting must withstand the rigors of the home and office traffic while meeting specifications.

The challenge is finding the right raw materials that meet or exceed these standards while providing a low-cost solution to meet your customers’ expectations. High volume production places high demands on your equipment. It is important to choose products that minimizes this impact.

Equipment and corresponding processes may also need updated or replaced over time from evolution of technology or normal wear and tear.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Ground calcium carbonate (GCC), referred to as “filler” in the carpet industry, is blended in quantities as high as 35% (by weight) with latex to form the adhesive backing on tufted carpet. This adhesive holds the carpet fibers together while also improving many of the carpets properties.

The addition of our GCC “filler” provides a desirable color and naturalness to the carpet backing that is sought after by the consumer. It adds weight and improves the overall durability resulting in a more premium carpet. The addition of the GCC also significantly reduces the amount of costly latex needed lowering the overall production cost.  

Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC)

  • Meets the consistency, gradation, and absorption characteristics ensuring a high quality carpet backing
  • Lower production costs by offsetting more expensive materials
  • Added weight improves the durability and provides a more premium feel
  • Ability to produce the carpet backing with a clean, safe product
  • Provides additional flame retardancy to increase safety
  • Less abrasive than competing materials reducing the wear and tear on your equipment
  • Abundant, all natural product

Handling and Storage
Through Storage & Transfer Technologies (STT), a member of Carmeuse Group, we offer effective solutions to store and pneumatically transfer your bulk materials.

Our Network
Our network of plants allows us to get you the product where and when you need it.

Other Building Material applications

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