Understanding Your Market Needs

Calcium is a main ingredient in the manufacturing of calcium salts and organics. The purity of your end product has significant impact on your profitability. The quality and consistency of your raw materials affects your specialized or proprietary processes.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Our lime-based materials are your ideal calcium choice for your calcium salts and organics manufacturing process to achieve optimal conversion rates and high purity end-products while staying in environmental compliance.

High Calcium Quicklime

  • Ensures you receive the maximum calcium content, high reactivity, and least amount of contaminants 
  • If you have the equipment to slake on-site, quicklime is the most cost-effective option

Hydrated Lime

  • Provides a calcium source without having to deal with heat of reaction from slaking
  • Can be used as dry calcium hydroxide powder or mixed onsite with water to make lime slurry

CALSAFE® Lime Slurry

  • Provides a calcium source in a ready-to-use liquid
  • Lime slurry delivered to your location without the worries of slaking, mixing, or dusting

Handling and Storage
Through Storage & Transfer Technologies (STT), a member of Carmeuse Group, we offer effective solutions to store and pneumatically transfer your bulk materials.

Lime Slakers
Through Storage & Transfer Technologies (STT), a member of Carmeuse Group, we offer a full range of lime slakers designed to your specific conditions and requirements.

Our Network
Our network of plants allows us to get you the product where and when you need it.

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