Understanding Your Market Needs

Finding locally sourced aggregates and sand that meet the high demand for road construction while also providing the quality, consistently and physical properties needed to produce long lasting roads can be challenging. Ideally, the aggregate would also be produced from limestone to minimize the risk of poor adhesion (stripping) occurring between the stone and asphalt, which is common with siliceous aggregates like granite. If left untreated, stripping can result in premature cracking, rutting, and reduced pavement.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

For the aggregate customers who fall within our vast network, we are able to provide a high purity limestone aggregate and manufactured sand to allow you to construct durable roads that are not prone to stripping issues. However, when you find yourself in a situation where limestone aggregate is not locally available and you are forced to use an aggregate more likely to strip, our hydrated lime will provide you a solution.

Limestone Aggregate (Coarse Aggregate)
We mine, crush and screen our aggregate from large, natural deposits of high purity limestone. 

Manufactured Limestone Sand (Fine Aggregate)
Like our course aggregate, our manufactured sand will provide the consistency, quality and angularity desired in your asphalt mix.

Benefits found across all of our aggregate products include:

  • Consistency of stone gives you more control of the mix
  • Toughness and strength characteristic to withstand the traffic induces stresses
  • Desired angularity for improved durability
  • Superior bitumen adhesion to minimize stripping in the presence of water
  • High purity eliminates risk of deleterious particles such as clay and organic impurities from adversely impacting your mix

Hydrated Lime
Should you find yourself in an area where you must use a stripping prone aggregate, such as granite, we offer the leading anti-stripping agent to address this concern. Hydrated lime added at dose rate of just 1% (by weight of the aggregate) can alleviate the stripping potential between the stone and binder and eliminate the many adverse impacts that stripping can cause:

  • Reduces rutting 
  • Reduces moisture susceptibility and stripping
  • Reduces oxidative hardening and fatigue cracking
  • Prolongs pavement life

Our Network
Our network of plants allows us to get you the product where and when you need it.

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