Sugar Industry

The journey from raw sugarcane to the sweet crystals that grace our tables is a complex one, and lime plays a crucial role in this journey. We specialize in the production and supply of high-quality quicklime, a fundamental ingredient in the sugar refining and production industry.

sugar production plant

The Sugar Production Process

The process of producing and refining sugar is a multi-step journey that transforms raw sugarcane or sugar beet into the familiar sweet crystals we use in our daily lives. It typically begins with the extraction of sugarcane juice or sugar beet juice, followed by the removal of impurities through a process called clarification. The clarified juice is then evaporated to concentrate the sugar content, and the resulting syrup is crystallized. Further refining steps may include the removal of any remaining impurities, resulting in the production of white sugar. The entire process requires precision, as it involves numerous chemical and mechanical steps to produce high-quality sugar that meets industry standards.

Lime Slaking Systems & Upgrades

Carmeuse, through our wholly owned subsidiary, Storage & Transfer Technologies, Inc., provides comprehensive equipment and storage solutions for cobalt mining operations. We offer lime slaking systems, soda ash systems, dry material storage, and more. Our experienced engineers can design tailored solutions, including new lime handling systems, slakers, and retrofits or upgrades for existing equipment.

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