Soil Amendment

We recognize that the quality of your soil is the foundation of productive farming practices and effective golf course maintenance, so you need the right products and services to help enhance your crop productivity.


The Importance of Soil Amendment in Agriculture

A productive agriculture sector is foundationally important to food stability and availability. There are many factors that farmers must take into consideration to maximize the output of their crops including nutrient availability and soil acidity. When issues arise with soil quality and composition, it can severely impact the crop yield. For example, compacted soils stunt root growth making it difficult for your plants to develop. In acidic soils, nutrients are less available to the plant root system effectively lowering the overall health of crops. This reduced availability includes important soil minerals like calcium and magnesium limiting plants growth rates. The manner in which these issues can be avoided and corrected is by adding beneficial amendments, which will help improve plant growth and health.

Lime Storage & Conveying

Carmeuse, through our wholly owned subsidiary, Storage & Transfer Technologies, Inc., provides comprehensive equipment and storage solutions for storage and pneumatic transfer of your bulk materials. Our experienced engineers can design tailored solutions, including new lime handling systems and retrofits or upgrades for existing equipment.

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