Animal Feed

Carmeuse can supply a variety of quality high calcium limestone in different sizes to meet your individual needs, increasing your milk and egg yields and improving the growth and health of your livestock at all stages of their lifecycle.

hens feeding

The Importance of Proper Animal Nutrition

Whether it’s cattle, pigs or poultry, your livestock needs calcium supplementation in their diets. Milk production, egg production, and gestation are all processes that reduce calcium levels in the animal that leads to weakened bone structures, reduced milk production rates, fragile eggshells, and stunted growth in young animals. To ensure that farm animals are at peak health, it is important to ensure that they are provided with the high-quality calcium and nutrition that they need.

Limestone Storage and Pneumatic Conveying

Carmeuse, through our wholly owned subsidiary, Storage & Transfer Technologies, Inc., provides comprehensive equipment and storage solutions for storage and pneumatic transfer of your bulk materials. Our experienced engineers can design tailored solutions, including new lime handling systems and retrofits or upgrades for existing equipment.

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