Carmeuse’s TechPartner team has over 50 years of hands-on field experience with environmental compliance processes. Our experts can provide you with technical options, evaluate planned designs technically and economically, and run demonstration trials.

Evaluating options is usually a difficult process. In most cases, these compliance options are outside the core business or competencies of the industry that is looking to implement them. Compliance can be a non-negligible cost and cannot afford any stoppage. So there is no room for error during process implementation. While contractual guarantees offer some protection, the best option for minimizing risk and ensuring the proper process is a demonstration trial or a test on a bypass line. 

Carmeuse’s TechPartner team has more than 50 years of experience and can support you with:
•    Comparison of technical options.
•    Technical and economical evaluation of selected design(s).
•    Collaboration with architecture and engineering firms, contractors, and OEM companies in order to validate the full scope, including optimization of reagent supply strategies and by-product.

Carmeuse’s TechPartner team is also fully equipped to run a demonstration trial on your site and/or in our lab: Flue Gas Analyzer, Temporary Storage Solutions, Milk-of-Lime unit, Mobile Pilot Plant (Flue Gas Cleaning, Water Treatment), Laboratory with trained operators.

All these options allow Carmeuse to determine and optimize the process conditions, reagent specifications and dosages, in order to minimize your full compliance cost.

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