Storing, dosing, preparation and handling of reagent are key to maintaining the removal efficiency level of the flue gas cleaning unit. They all have a major impact on the reagent consumption and the ease of use of the flue gas cleaning unit.

Carmeuse has 160 years of expertise in storing, dosing, transforming and handling calcium-based products. We are happy to share it with our customers, so they can build a ‘state-of-the-art’ installation for reagent preparation, storage, dosing and handling.

Our contribution can take several forms, such as:

  • Engineering support during conception, retrofit, etc. in order to avoid wrong design and malfunctions.
  • Rental of a temporary mobile unit installed on-site.
  • Design, Build, Own, Operate and/or Maintain reagent storage, preparation, handling and design equipment for your flue gas cleaning.
  • Optimize existing installations for smoother flue gas cleaning operations.

Coupled with our Tune-It module, stock management of your flue gas cleaning reagent can be done entirely by Carmeuse. This will provide you with a worry-free guarantee of full availability of reagent. 

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