Environmental Compliance can only be secured with right design of the Calcium reagent unit. Storing, dosing, slaking, handling and injection of Calcium reagent have all major impacts on the reagent consumption and the ease of use of the environmental compliance system.​

Over more than 160 years, we have acquired extensive knowledge and long-term experience in these operations. We are happy to share it with our customers, so they can build a ‘state-of-the-art’ installation for Calcium reagent preparation, storage, dosing and handling.​

Our contribution can take several forms, such as:​

  • Assessing the liming unit design, from lime discharge to the final dosing point.​
  • Providing the design (from basic engineering support to complete package) of your Calcium reagent unit, including the milk-of-lime preparation, storage & Injection system in order to avoid wrong design and malfunctions for both new unit and retrofit.​
  • Rental of a temporary mobile unit installed on-site.​
  • Designing, Building &/or Operating reagent storage / preparation (e.g., milk of lime preparation) unit as your partner.​
  • Optimize existing Calcium reagent installations for smoother operations.​

Coupled with our Tune-It module, stock management of Calcium reagent can be done entirely by Carmeuse. This will provide you with a worry-free guarantee and full availability of reagent. ​

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