Smooth operations of the environmental compliance process can only be achieved with the correct and consistent reagents specifications. ​

Carmeuse consistently meets the most exacting specifications. Customers enjoy a high degree of confidence in the quality and reliability of our products, thanks to:​

  • Our highest quality control standards during manufacturing.​
  • Our fully equipped laboratories, ensuring that we meet every specification for every customer.​

​Ever-changing legislation and economic realities mean that companies are always seeking more efficiency and compliance cost reductions.​

With over 40 current patents, Carmeuse continues to innovate and make significant contributions to the lime industry. Carmeuse Innovations team focuses on developing new products and expanding our knowledge. This allows us to:​

  • Stay in step with our customers’ requirements.​
  • Open new functionalities for our products and to exceed requirements.​
  • Offer the latest developments to our customers, so they can reduce compliance costs.

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