Key Considerations

Due to ever tighter regulations at EU, state or regional levels, industrial plants in many different sectors must now clean up their stack emissions by installing flue gas cleaning systems. The challenge for operators is to make these systems as efficient as possible, calling on limestone and lime-based reagents that are fully available and compliant with design specifications.

Carmeuse’s CleanCalco® solutions are designed to secure this compliance through a wide portfolio of products and services tailor-made to fit every flue gas cleaning unit. From the simplest case to the most complex situation, our support team will help operators to make the right choices. They will also help you to easily and smoothly run the flue gas cleaning unit, while securing the necessary compliance and optimizing operating costs.

Your Benefits

The CleanCalco® family enables you to:

  • fit every tailor-made flue gas cleaning unit.
  • operate a flue gas cleaning unit smoothly and easily. 
  • meet legal requirements for flue gas emission.
  • remain focused on your core business rather than on your stack emission. 

Variation of this product


CleanCalco® Depurcal has been engineered to be injected at high temperature, in order to react at optimized conditions with pollutants. This product allows a pre-treatment and reduces the requirement...


CleanCalco® HPV is one of our engineered hydrated lime products with high and optimized porosity and high specific surface. These characteristics offer an increased amount of active sites for reaction...


CleanCalco® FGC is our optimized hydrated lime for (semi-)dry flue gas cleaning when the specific surface has been optimized.
The (semi-)dry flue gas cleaning process is commonly used. Several...


CleanCalco® FGC-AC is a customized preparation to mitigate both acidic pollutants and micro-pollutants. This hydrated lime also contains some activated carbon, in order to offer a global solution that...


CleanCalco® SD is our specially formulated hydrated lime product to produce lime slurry with high purity, reactivity and proper particle size distribution.


CleanCalco® CDS is our special quicklime for the on-site hydration process. The properties of this quicklime enable the production of hydrated lime with consistent properties and smooth operations...