Biological sludge

"Biosolids" is the generic name for several types of biological sludge. These are mainly sludges from municipalities, food processing and animal by-products. Although produced as waste, biosolids contain valuable organic matter. Therefore, large volumes of these materials are reused in agriculture, forestry, and landscaping in full alignment with the European Circular economy concept. Stabilization and hygienization are mandatory for biosolids before reuse. Carmeuse has developed the BioCalco® product range in order to fit the main processes of biosolids treatment and to maximize the multiple liming effect.


Benefits in more detail:


  • BioCalco® products are pre-registered as biocides and their functionality is to raise the pH above 12 for a minimum of 2 hours. This allows the stabilization and immobilization of pathogens harmful to human health.
  • BioCalco® Q has a dual function as it adds on top of the pH increase, an increase in temperature that can be used to partially pasteurized the sludge compliant to the legislation.

Circular economy:

  • The BioCalco® range enables the reuse of bio sludges for agricultural purposes as soil amendments, where the addition of calcium and magnesium has a high added value for soil amendments.

Safer and easier handling of biosolids:

  • Easier handling and dewatering of biosolids.
  • Stabilization and immobilization of pathogens.

Odor reduction:

  • Long-term odour reduction thanks to the high pH, which keeps odorous substances in a dissociated form.


  • No availability limits and locally produced.